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Ben 10 Alien Swarm

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When I saw the DVD of Ben 10 Alien Swarm, at first I was excited because I watch this in Cartoon Network. YES! I’m a sucker for animations. But then we started watching this, I was drawn back. It starts off quite weird with no effective introduction. Once we figured who’s who in the story plus the selection of actors, which are not known, I was really hoping that raw talent would suffice but it’s falls short of justifying the roles they’re portraying. Ben (Ryan Kelly) lacks conviction and somewhat boring and Gwen (Galadriel Stineman) is somewhat acting very sarcastic and bitchy, which is not her personality in the cartoon. The other supporting actors also seemed to add to the boredom.  I just wanted the movie to end. But don’t get me wrong, the effects are ok but not enough to sustain the excitement of the movie.

I wondered if this was shown locally in the movies but I figured that if it was, I would have known about it. After watching this (and still am watching as I’m blogging), if ever they did shown this locally, it might turn out to be a very big disappointment – no commercial appeal – and it’s wouldn’t earn a lot. I wonder if they compromised the fees of the good actors with the special effects. If only they got more interesting actors it might have a chance.

Between this movie and the TV show, it’s no brainer to choose the original format. The characters and storyline are more impressive. Unfortunately, Cartoon Network did both mediums so there is something wrong in the transition. Instead of appreciating this, I’d prefer going back to the cartoon version, sad to say.

Throwdown with Bobby Flay

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I am not a fan of Bobby Flay. Probably because he comes across as arrogant and cocky. It’s a bit overwhelming for me to endure watching his shows at Food Network. But when I came across this show, it did spark interest with me. Though the arrogance and cockiness is still evident, the results of the show is always not favorable for him – I wonder how he handles defeat?

Throwdown with Bobby Flay is a show where he challenge people who specializes in a specific food. Both of them create the food to the best of their abilities and winner is declared by inviting two judges. I did notice that Bobby takes the popular dishes and somehow make it a bit different, making it his own. Most of the time, Bobby looses to the other chef which is pleasant to see (somehow a humbling experience) and there are shows that he wins the challenge. Overall, I feel that it’s a very appropriate show, a great balance. Sometimes when Bobby fails the challenge, I feel that he’s more human, the ability to accept defeat seems sincere and a bit likable.

The challenges are very simple in concept from french fries to buffalo wings to chili dogs to barbecue ribs – anything goes. So technically it’s very relatable and it’s really all about the flavors, texture and presentation of the dishes. When both chefs gives samples to the spectators to taste, I envy them – wish I was there to try them all.

If ever he will challenge you to a throwdown, knowing that he losses most of the time, always remember that it’s all about attitude and just believe in what you do.

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