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Lost in Translation

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If there was one movie that is timeless and a true masterpiece, it would be Lost in Translation. The reason why I said “timeless” is because since the movie was originally shown in 2003, and I’m watching it now through cable, it’s so interesting to watch this like it was for the first time.

One thing I love about the film is the irony of things; wrong place, wrong love, wrong time. But despite that, it somehow made sense on why things the way it is. It would have been made simpler if they didn’t do it Japan but all the more made it more interesting. The more irony, the better and it all looks and made sense.

Bill Murray (Bob Harris) was really great in the role. His nomination for best actor is well deserved. I don’t know if it was intended for him to play comedy in this role but somehow on his reactions and dialogue, it was refreshing. Scarlett Johansson (Charlotte) is also commendable for her role. She was believable and somehow relatable with her dilemma in a foreign country and feeling isolated and yet wanting to break free. It was odd to see both having an affair in a foreign land but then again, it supports the storyline and title of the movie. Sometimes you’ll catch yourself asking what would you do if you were in that situation.

The director and writer of the movie, Sofia Coppola, really did a great job in fact she was also nominated for this film. She really knew how this story would translate into film. It was very simple yet sophisticated.

Though it was not a happy ending, it still leaves you breathless. Despite the morale issues, it somehow gives them that excuse and right to find love to survive in an unfamiliar territory. As they depart from each other, it somehow makes you wonder if they will be happy when they go back to their own separate worlds. We may never know but still wonders “what would you do if you’re in their situation?”

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

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Everything is hilarious about this movie, My Super Ex-Girlfriend. The concept, the actors, the effects – perfect. It all suddenly came back to me when I came across this while watching it in cable.

Uma Thurman is remarkable in her hole as Jenny Johnson, a shy and nerdy girl who dated Luke Wilson (as Matt Saunders) and thing started off well but being a superhero comes with super insecurities. Jenny was not a superhero at birth, she was exposed to radiation from a crashed meteor when she was young. The insecurities were so overwhelming that Matt focused on his feeling for Hannah Lewis (played by Anna Faris). Anna Faris is also another nice comedian actor. Though her exposure in the movie was very limited, practically the middle to the end of the movie, just the same it’s worthwhile. And please, need I not mention the role of Wanda Sykes? She’s just perfect for the role of Carla Dunkirk. Few scenes but funny just the same. Even Eddie Izzard (Professor Bedlam) is so funny that all the revenge was all about love for Jenny.

The scenes were Jenny was throwing tantrums towards Matt were ridiculous. Even if I watched this several times, they are are just amusing. The boiling of the aquarium was the craziest because Matt’s goldfish was there. And the throwing of a shark in Hannah’s apartment? Speechlessly funny.

If I have any comment about the movie is the acting of Luke Wilson. He appears lean towards wimpy like a loser. I mean being funny is one thing but to have that character is really not attractive. Luke Wilson looks great, don’t get me wrong, but the role would be better having him as a “boy next door” type. I must admit that the facial expressions of Luke added more to the wimpy factor. Despite that, I’ll still give him points for being adorable.  So overall, it’s really a good movie.

It’s a movie that is not only entertaining but when it ends you would feel good about it. Who wouldn’t love a movie that ends where everyone got what they wanted. It’s a strange tale of finding love with some superpowers which all the more interesting.

Knight and Day

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When Knight and Day was shown in the cinemas, I was not that excited or looking forward to watching it. I guess Tom Cruise is somewhat highly overrated. Though I am a fan of Cameron Diaz but then again she’s only half the movie.

When I watched it on DVD it’s a better option because if I didn’t like it, I could always turn it off. But it started very interesting, wondering, “What is he looking for?” then slowly the story unfolded by itself. I started liking the movie. The mystery of Roy Miller’s (Cruise) character is somewhat worth waiting for the next scene or something. A very good balance of action and comedy. June Havens (Diaz) never falls short of delivering a comedic punchline. Her clueless and naive character seems to add to the effective portraying of her role. When Peter Sarsgaard (playing the role of Fitzgerald) appeared, you kinda knew what role he was portraying so it was a no-brainer to figure him out. How I wish they used someone more unpredictable. But don’t get me wrong, Peter is a good actor but he’s too typecast more of villain roles. I think he could be a good lead with the right role and material.

One of the endearing moments, which I didn’t understand at first, was when Roy was monitoring someone through his iPhone. I thought it was one of those missions but later it unveils itself which was someone who he is trying to protect and knowing who they are was just perfect. That made him more human despite his action skills. One of the scenes I also liked is when June would wake up in different places because she was drugged by Roy and it’s hilarious who she reacts to each new environment. And when it was done the other way around, priceless, I tell you.

The effects and action scenes were ok, probably due to the light inject of comedy from June. When it’s a Tom Cruise movie, it’s expected that action scenes are done well and it’s very evident in this one. So basically you will get your money’s worth.

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