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The Proposal

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First of all, I am an avid fan of Sandra Bullock so liking this movie, The Proposal, is a no-brainer for me. Though I must admit that the storyline is a bit shallow and really bizarre, somehow they were able to make it work. The more complicated it got, the more interesting on how things will turn out.

It never cease to amaze me with Sandra’s comedic punch-line together with Ryan Reynolds‘ contribution. It’s just perfect. Sandra plays Margaret Tate, the headstrong editor who had a dilemma about her working visa in America. Ryan plays Andrew Paxton, who is the assistant of Margaret and a struggling writer who got caught up in Margaret’s whirlwind of dilemma in getting married by force. They somehow takes you away from the plot and just enjoy their acting. I must admit that the scene from the woods, where Sandra and Betty White did a chant that led to a dance routine for Sandra was a tad bit tacky. It can definitely do without. Betty plays Grandma Annie, Andrew’s grandmother.

The ensemble is a perfect cast and in his and her own way contributes to the magic of humor. Mary Steenburgen plays Grace Paxton, Andrew’s mother. Craig T. Nelsen plays Joe Paxton, Andrew’s father. Even Oscar Nunez who plays Ramone is hilarious. It’s sad thought that Malin Akerman who plays Gertrude, Andrew’s childhood sweetheart. She lacks exposure in the film and her role is very short it’s considered as a cameo role. And Denis O’Hare who plays Mr. Gilbertson, who works for immigration, was not playing a funny role but please wait for the end credit to see how funny he is.

One of the things that made me laugh out loud was when Margaret needed to use the internet and when they went to the town’s internet cafe (in Alaska), it was still the old type of router where you need to insert coins to work otherwise it’ll get disconnected. Certainly we can all relate to that. Another would be when they first met Mr. Gilbertson to discuss their plans of marriage. Margaret’s reaction to find out that the family of Andrew lives in Alaska – priceless. Another would be when Margaret tried on Grandma Annie’s wedding gown – totally cracked me up.

As far as entertainment value, it’s worth it. If you’re after having a good time and not pay attention on the storyline, you will certainly enjoy the film. It’s a movie that you’d like to watch every now and then if you want a good laugh. It could be a family movie but do expect the young viewers to ask about why do they need to get married. The technical answers for this may not be suitable for children.

Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 4 (Relax Edition)

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I am growing in love with this album, Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 4 (Relax Edition). It’s a good combination of Chill Out and Lounge music that gets you in the mood. I suddenly feel in love with mixtures of electronica and bass beats with hints of piano and guitar – so cool and pleasant to the ears. I am, by heart, a die-hard House-Deep House-Club type of music person but when Chill Out and Lounge were introduced, my taste in music started broadening. It so perfect for driving, cruising along traffic, or doing groceries, especially when you are trying to focus on your shopping, and just having a quiet time while having coffee or just at home, relaxing. Comparing to House music, these types are easy to incorporate in your daily lives. When stressed, it’s one good instrument to listen to to center yourself and heal the mood.

Since I’ve just listened to volume 4, I’m sure that the other volumes would be as good as this and I can’t wait to listen to them and fall over again, chilling and lounging. I took the liberty to mark (*) my favorites in this album. Though all are nice, some really hits me more than the others.

  1. I Like It – Thomas Lemmer *
  2. Till The Break Of Dawn (Lounge Edit) – Dulac & Dubios *
  3. Someone, Somewhere – Redlounge Orchestra *
  4. Sunflowers – Boot Cut Rockers feat. Mica *
  5. Beautiful – Polished Chrome *
  6. Like Love (Original Mix) – Sly *
  7. Springtime – Schellrich & Sine *
  8. The Rapture – The Charly North Michael EP *
  9. Only A Dream – Gold Lounge
  10. New Paths – Sine *
  11. Leaving The Lights – Villablue feat. Juanita Grande *
  12. Hollow (Sine Remix) – Sonic Adventure Project
  13. Carousel – Ambray *
  14. Biya – Merge of Equals
  15. One – Thomas Lemmer *
  16. Herlekin – Klangstein

So it seems that I almost loved all the tracks. I do encourage for you to try listening to it and let it grab you and create a center for yourself.

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