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Clean House


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I enjoy watching Clean House (My Style production). I like the process and transformation of a house. Sometimes I find it hard to believe the “before” house where everything is just too messy.  Too messy that it’s hard to think that this is livable. I started being skeptic about this since practically all the houses have the same extreme mess. I think this is done deliberately for viewing impact and effects but other than that, I think they do a pretty good job.

The comedic inserts are hilariously amusing. It does seem that they are having fun while doing the transformation. Also the yard sale is also fun to watch, letting go of stuff that you no longer need. Something we can all pick up from. Plus after the yard sale, the unsold items are automatically donated to charity so nothing goes to waste and helps charitable institutions. Basically everything in this show has good intentions.

I do, however, noticed changes in the cast but they all are great at what they do. Niecy Nash is a great host and very funny with her loud antics. I do have to admit that the combination of Mark Brunetz (designer), Trish Suhr (yard sale diva and organizer), and Matt Iseman (go-to guy) is just perfect for a team. They compliment with their personalities and antics as well.

Clean House is very entertaining and you will be blown away with the transformation. The objective is clear and they always fulfill and stay true to the show’s name.


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Another good, entertaining family series. Parenthood is one of those series you would be skeptic at first, especially after the well-known series of Brothers & Sisters (B&S), but then eventually it’s does present itself independently, going outside of the shadow of B&S. One good thing about the show aside from the typical issues of family, it also tackles the issues of the children and the world they face. Like B&S, Parenthood is also a dysfunctional-functional family dealing with their own issues individually, as a couple, as families and as being parents (both macro and micro).

Setting aside the issues, there are comedic punchlines which adds to the appeal. I guess it makes them less abnormal and more normal as a family. In every crisis, you can surely go back to your roots to seek support and find comfort and balance to be able to endure and overcome the obstacles that comes their way. I think that is the true essence of a family.

The cast are also great, well at least some of them. Admittedly, it’s one of the reasons why I started watching the series. My favorites are Lauren Graham (Sarah Braverman), Monica Potter (Kristina Braverman), Peter Krause (Adam Braverman), and Sam Jaeger (Joel Graham). I am not totally convinced on the role of  Erika Christensen (Julia Braverman-Graham) – too artificial for me.  Dax Shepard (Crosby Braverman) plays a role of loser, black sheep of the family and I’m finding him hard to be connected to the Bravermans but then if that was his purpose then probably I can give that to him. And Craig T. Nelson (Zeek Braverman) is not so effective as the father of the whole family – some of his scenes and lines does fall short. I am not trying to discredit him but he’s better in movie roles and not just a father figure in this series.

For a purpose of pure entertainment, this series is ok and recommended. Somewhere along the way you can pick a lesson every now and then about family relationships. If I was to choose between the two shows, Brother & Sisters stands out more because it’s more relatable.

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