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I Love You, Man

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It was unfortunate that I was not able to watch I Love You, Man in the theater. ┬áNot sure why but thank god for HBO. Finally I was able to watch it and it’s a pretty good darn movie, I must say.

I’m never disappointed with Paul Rudd with his previous movies. He’s really great at comedy. I particularly find him amusing, endearing, and adorable in this one (how I wish he could be my brother or friend). He plays Peter Klaven, a man about to marry his fiance, Zooey Rice, played by Rashida Jones, and found himself with no male friends to be in his entourage. Out of desperation he searches for male friends on-line and some referred by his mother (who thought that Peter was gay). Then he meets Sydney Fife, played by Jason Segel, and it started a wonderful, crazy friendship, a heterosexual friendship.

What fascinates me with the movie is how it depicts how men thinks and feels in a social setting. Let’s face it men are less expressive or would think that they’re alright all by themselves but this movie shows a different perspective on how men think and feel. I appreciate the vulnerabilities and the sensitive side of men in general.

Let’s not forget the amazing cast of this movie. They are all crazy funny people. Jaime Pressly plays Denise, one of Zooey’s best friends, and married to Barry played by Jon Favreau. Andy Samberg plays Robbie Klaven, Peter’s brother. Rob Huebel plays Tevin Downey, one of Peter’s so-called male date. Jane Curtin plays Joyce Klaven and J.K. Simmons plays Oswald Klaven, Peter’s parents.

This is a true feel good, entertaining movie and at the same time a good perspective from a male’s point of view with a lot of laughters every now and then.

Eat Pray Love


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I think everybody feel this way one time or another. Searching for your self in the midst of confusion, prioritizing what’s really important in life that will bring us true happiness is easier said than done. Finding the right balance is life is not easy.

Julia Roberts has done it again in portraying the role of Liz Gilbert is one of her masterpieces in Eat Pray Love. Backed up with exceptional actors to complete the ensemble. Billy Crudup (Stephen) is Liz’s husband who eventually got divorced that probably started her dilemma. She was focused to find herself by letting go of her material possessions, after handing them to Stephen at the start of the divorce proceedings. Then Liz met James Franco (David) with whom she had a fling after the divorce, testing the waters if happiness was with someone else other than her ex-husband. This led to more confusion for her and discontent that led her to start her own journey.

It all started when she travelled to Bali and came across Ketut Liyer, played by Hadi Subiyanto, a spiritual adviser. Ketut read her palms and saw some signs of things to come in her life like unhappiness, discontent, and confusion. Upon her return to New York, things started falling into place, signs were showing of what Ketut predicted.

This led to her journey which started in Italy where she tries to find herself though her passion for food. There she met very interesting people who kept her company in the safe environment with friends. From there she travelled to India where she focuses on prayer and meditation. It took her a while to open herself up on how to pray and meditate but with the help of a colleague, Richard, played by Richard Jenkins, she soon enough got closer to her goal in searching for herself. From there she travelled to Bali, where she came back to meet Ketut. She opted to stay longer in Bali to continue her meditation and self discovery. Then she met Felipe, played by Javier Bardem, where as she is starting to find herself, as fate would show, she also found love.

After finding out that Ryan Murphy was the screenwriter and director of the movie, I was not that surprised. I’ve grown accustomed to his work, both in television and movies.

Eat Pray Love is a very simple story but very deep and reflective. You can’t help but ask yourself if you are centered in your life and if you are truly happy. I appreciate the engaging dialogues and interactions of all the actors in this movie. The diverse personalities and cultures adds more dimensions to the movie and overall lessons to be learned.

I hear that this movie could nominate Julia Roberts for an Oscar. I do wish her luck because she really deserves this.

Brothers & Sisters (Season 1-4)



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I first came across this TV series, Brothers & Sisters, from my sister. One Sunday, our family gathering, she mentioned to me that I should watch this series. I was skeptic and intrigued at the same time. She convinced me to the point that she lend me her DVD copies. And so I watched… the verdict? I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!

My sister was right. It’s about a family, a dysfunctional-functional family, dealing with a lot of issues and situations that affects them individually as well as a family. The reason why I described it that way is because it’s quite ironic that each family member has a way of bringing out the best and the worst in each other but the good thing is no matter how good or bad the situation is they will always work it out and at the end, the family bond wins. And in the process, they learn more about each other which makes them closer to one another.

One of the things I like about this series is how the characters were identified and functions. The complexities of the personalities is so worth watching and seeing the development. I also appreciate the vulnerabilities when they make mistakes or make wrong decisions which adds to the endearment of the characters.

One of the things that my sister told me , which I would find it to be interesting, is there is a gay role in one of the family members and I love the thought of it. It does complete the normalcy of the family. And I applaud that this role is not just a background role but one of the forefronts and it gave it’s respect to face issues pertaining to this which completes the whole picture.

The cast is outstanding. Sally Fields (Nora Walker) plays the center of the family and the mother which is very passionate of her family and all her children. She may not be a perfect mother but she has very good intentions for her children and the family as a whole. She’s married to Tom Skerritt (William Walker). The children were played by Calista Flockhart (Kitty Walker-McCallister), Balthazar Getty (Tommy Walker), Rachel Griffith (Sarah Walker), Matthew Rhys (Kevin Walker), and Dave Annable (Justin Walker). Rob Lowe (Robert McCallister) is Kitty’s husband. Ron Rifkin (Saul Holden) is the brother of Nora and the uncle of the children. Luke Macfarlane (Scotty Wandell) is Kevin’s partner. Sarah Jane Morris (Julia Walker) is Tommy’s wife. Patricia Wettig (Holly Harper) is the mistress of the William. Emily VanCamp (Rebecca Harper) is the daughter of Holly and supposedly the illegitimate daughter of William. Luke Grimes (Ryan Lafferty) is another illegitimate son of William.

This series is so good that you cannot create your own expectations because whatever issues or situation they will find themselves in, it will be so worth it. A definite enjoyable series to watch. The completeness of the topics from polities, war, sex, death, separation, divorce, homosexuality, internal relationships, external relationships, love, addiction, career, business, parenthood, and the list goes on. It’s inevitable that you will relate to someone or a particular situation and you will learn something from it. That is how relatable and endearing the series is.

Though it’s a well-rounded series, it’s difficult to consider this for all ages and the whole family. Parental guidance is needed for this due to the topics and scenes but nevertheless, it’s good to watch with your family and siblings (adults). I recalled that my sister and mother with discuss this show while we’re together whether just visiting my mom or while cooking on a Sunday lunch. It’s a perfect conversational piece.

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