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The moment my partner brought home a DVD copy of Altitude (fresh from the USA) I kinda knew what I was in for. I am really not a fan of bloody death type of movies but this different. It’s more suspense and thriller. Funny but the story takes place inside a small airplane with a group of friends who are flying the plane all by themselves.

During their flight, something went wrong. The instruments started malfunctioning that made the plane increase in altitude and they’re slowly running out of gas. They encountered a storm and this is where the thriller starts. A mysterious force is trying to kill each one of them but only one has the power to stop this force.

As far as actors are concerned, I’m not that keen to critic their skills because they’re not as popular as the others so there’s no point of comparison but it doesn’t shy away from the storyline. This way you just focus on the story more than the acting. And this this type of movie, who needs famous actors – just a huge waste on the budget.

You do feel that you’re at the edge of your seat once you’re trying to figure out what is happening to them and it doesn’t fall short of the suspense and thriller factor. The story is solid and you just want to make sure you see the ending to try and get the whole story. Though I have to admit that some petty conversations inside the plane is a bit corny but it does set the precedence on the actors character so in a way it’s effective.

For a low budget movie, this is a good deal. Not sure if this has being shown here already but if ever you should try to watch it but make sure you’re up to some shocks and edge of the seat seating. And it’s not going to be shown, try to get a copy.

Enya: And Winter Came & Christmas Secrets

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As I am a self-proclaimed Enya fan, it’s really embarrassing that I missed this album. “And Winter Came”¬†was released in 2008. It was known more for a thematic album for Christmas. So I decided to write this as my piece for Christmas and also admit that I’m not a perfect fan, only knowing of this album just today (Grrr!!!).

I’ve always found myself amazed whenever I start listening to Enya, as if she’s taking me to a journey of some sort. This album will blow you away with the touch of Christmas feeling – so perfect for the upcoming season. I must admit that as I am not feeling the season, just listening to Enya seems to encourage me that it’s a season to feel happy and be joyful emotionally.

Though almost all songs gets you to the feeling of white christmas, some songs are a tad bit on a dark and deep side. For example the “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” track is more of serious and deep because of that one note hanging in the background. Also for “Trains and Winter Rains” is also serious and the beats are not as happy or light. Funny though that even if some songs does not represent christmas but just emotions and memories of people and experiences, it still has that touch of christmas tunes and sounds.

My favorite tracks are “And Winter Came”, “Journey of the Angels”, “White is in the Winter Night”, “Dreams are more Precious”, “Last Time by Moonlight”, “One Toy Soldier”, “Stars and Midnight Blue”, “Spirit of Christmas Past”, and Oiche Chiuin (Chorale). Enya came up with a solo of Oiche Chiuin (Silent Night) in a single of the same title.

If you want to have a good spin off of Christmas songs and want to get away with the traditional christmas songs, this is certainly a good alternative. I do see myself slipping my iPod on and just dwell on the melodies and harmonies of Enya’s enchanting voice.

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Enya also came with an authentic Christmas album entitled, “Christmas Secrets” that came out in 2006. YES!!! I admit again that only found out about it today. Though it has four tracks, it depicts a truer christmas feeling and spirit. Tracks of this album are “Adeste, Fideles”, “The Magic of the Night”, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, and “Christmas Secrets”. Just a short comment on the “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” – I was expecting some magic from Enya to this song but surprisingly it’s stayed true to the original song.

Which way you choose, Enya could be part of your Christmas experience. I know I will.

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