Being LibratedMind

I am a simple guy who has a lot of things to say in my everyday encounters and experiences.

I am fond of writing so I guess that led me to this. I started blogging 5 years ago but had to put it on hold as my life needs more organizing than taking the time to blog them down. I guess I had other priorities then but now I’m back (for good I hope).

I do enjoy writing about my daily encounters and experiences. It came a point that talking to my friends was not nearly enough. I had to find a productive way to share this.

My reviews and opinions, though subjective, are honest to goodness the truth. I am generous when giving high praises for worthy ones, whether it’s a movie, a series, a restaurant or a place, but this does not exempt the fact that if there’s something lousy and terrible, you will get my “two cents worth” (pun intended). So it’s a delicate balance between appreciation and giving it to you straight (with no chasers).

This maybe my second coming but I do hope you find my reviews interesting or at least entertaining. Because at the end of the day, I can sleep soundly at night and hopefully help someone have a better perspective on things, whether making a sound decision or just trying out things for the heck of it.

Please enjoy the readings and thanks for dropping by. Do leave a comment of you can send me an email if you have nay questions or if you want me to discuss.  Email me at

Lastly, you could also check my reviews in TripAdvisor, also under the name of Libratedmind. Currently I am a Senior Contributor and I mostly review restaurants and hotels/resorts. Check them out to have an idea what and how I write.

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