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The moment my partner brought home a DVD copy of Altitude (fresh from the USA) I kinda knew what I was in for. I am really not a fan of bloody death type of movies but this different. It’s more suspense and thriller. Funny but the story takes place inside a small airplane with a group of friends who are flying the plane all by themselves.

During their flight, something went wrong. The instruments started malfunctioning that made the plane increase in altitude and they’re slowly running out of gas. They encountered a storm and this is where the thriller starts. A mysterious force is trying to kill each one of them but only one has the power to stop this force.

As far as actors are concerned, I’m not that keen to critic their skills because they’re not as popular as the others so there’s no point of comparison but it doesn’t shy away from the storyline. This way you just focus on the story more than the acting. And this this type of movie, who needs famous actors – just a huge waste on the budget.

You do feel that you’re at the edge of your seat once you’re trying to figure out what is happening to them and it doesn’t fall short of the suspense and thriller factor. The story is solid and you just want to make sure you see the ending to try and get the whole story. Though I have to admit that some petty conversations inside the plane is a bit corny but it does set the precedence on the actors character so in a way it’s effective.

For a low budget movie, this is a good deal. Not sure if this has being shown here already but if ever you should try to watch it but make sure you’re up to some shocks and edge of the seat seating. And it’s not going to be shown, try to get a copy.

The Secret of Kells

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I first known of The Secret of Kells was in the Academy Awards when it was nominated for Best Animated Feature. From there I just feel the need to have a copy of this DVD. It took a while to search for this movie since it’s hardly known here in our country but with patience I was able to get hold of a copy. And true enough, I indeed affirm that it’s truly deserve a nomination.

The movie is quite interesting though the diction if a bit too much for me but then again it’s very Celtic-Irish in nature so I am very thankful for the subtitles. The story is based on Celtic mythology where adventure and magic coincides which makes it a great storyline. Though I am clueless with this type of mythology, it’s a great tale nevertheless.

One of the intriguing characters is Abbott Cellach (voice of Brendan Gleeson), the uncle of Brendan – the main character, on his issues about containing and restraining his nephew to stay within the bounds of the village and not wander around in the forest. But knowing the intense curiosity from Brendan plus the need to get something from the forest, that’s where he meets Aisling, a mysterious young wolf-girl who lives in the forest. Then the adventure begins.

I’m just sure if this is something I would recommend for the children. Though it’s a cartoon, it does come across as a bit too deep and dark. It still could be watched by kids but there should be some sort of explanation on certain scenes like “Why do they need five goose feathers?” or “Do they really need to go to the forest just to get the berry for ink?” But again, this would be a very interactive type of movie where you can discuss how and why things happen. But no matter what you decide, this movie is a very good movie – a magical, mystical, mysterious movie.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

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I don’t think that I will ever outgrow my fascination with cartoon or animation of superheroes. It doesn’t matter what company made it whether it’s from DC or Marvel. It’s a great simple escape into a world that good wins over evil, and the hero saves the day type of storyline.

I first came across this DVD from my partner. The thing is we were expecting something else. We were expecting that this would be the movie of the actual apocalypse between the battle of Darkseid vs. Superman and Batman. Don’t get me wrong, this movie has the components of the three but it is a different story. Despite the surprise of not watching that, we were entertained as well because it’s another one of those twists and introduction of a new superhero. I am referring to Supergirl. I must admit that I have no clue as to the origin of Super Girl and somehow this movie seemed to make sense. One of the interesting thing to know is that Supergirl is actually stronger than Superman but one of the boggling things is that if Kara (Supergirl) was able to escape the Planet Krypton just as Kal-El (Superman) when they were infants, then how come Superman is older?

It was a bit disappointing that Batman’s contribution to the story is a bit insignificant or forgettable compared to Wonder Woman. I mean Wonder Woman played a big role in the story from training Supergirl in Paradise Island also her role in fighting with Big Barda in defeating the Furies. I guess probably she’s more powerful with her power than Batman’s.

I particularly liked the battle of Wonder Women in apocalypse together with Big Barda, who was once the leader of the Furies but changed sides. It amazing to see the women kicking some evil women butts. I also liked the final battle between Darkseid vs. Superman and Supergirl. It was apparent that Supergirl did have stronger powers compared to Superman, which was great and all the more that she’s on the good side.

The movie was generally awesome and all the more I crave for more movies like this. Though honestly, I do not find this to be a General Patronage type of movie because of the violence and death scenes but for adults with child-like hearts this is a movie you should watch.


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It’s been a while since I last saw Signs – thank god for HBO. I was lucky enough to watching from the start so I had good memories about the movie. As mentioned in my previous blogs, this movie is one of my favorites from M. Night Shayamalan. Though I heard some comments before that the movie was a but corny, I beg to disagree. The storyline is good, the connection of the aliens with the past is also flawless, the actors were great, a good combination of the suspense, drama and bit of comedy.

Other movies would really dwell on aliens and countless possibilities but this movie depicts the juxtaposition of the aliens with Rev. Graham Hess’ past. I love the connection which turns out to be a great layout for a movie.

The movie also showed the raw talent of the actors with their emotions. The sadness and doubtful emotions from Mel Gibson (Rev Graham Hess). The strength and skeptics from Joaquin Phoenix (Merrill Hess). The innocence and braveness from Rory Culkin (Morgan Hess) and Abigale Breslin (Bo Hess). Let’s also not forget the signature cameo role of M. Night Shayamalan (Ray Reddy). I really appreciate the vulnerabilities of Mel and Joaquin’s acting ability – totally believable. For me, this is the one of Mel’s peak of his career. He still looks great and it’s very unfortunate with whatever is happening to him now.

Though I do not consider this a feel good movie but it has a happy ending still but if you want to find yourself at the edge of your seat, then this movie will not disappoint you.

I Love You, Man

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It was unfortunate that I was not able to watch I Love You, Man in the theater.  Not sure why but thank god for HBO. Finally I was able to watch it and it’s a pretty good darn movie, I must say.

I’m never disappointed with Paul Rudd with his previous movies. He’s really great at comedy. I particularly find him amusing, endearing, and adorable in this one (how I wish he could be my brother or friend). He plays Peter Klaven, a man about to marry his fiance, Zooey Rice, played by Rashida Jones, and found himself with no male friends to be in his entourage. Out of desperation he searches for male friends on-line and some referred by his mother (who thought that Peter was gay). Then he meets Sydney Fife, played by Jason Segel, and it started a wonderful, crazy friendship, a heterosexual friendship.

What fascinates me with the movie is how it depicts how men thinks and feels in a social setting. Let’s face it men are less expressive or would think that they’re alright all by themselves but this movie shows a different perspective on how men think and feel. I appreciate the vulnerabilities and the sensitive side of men in general.

Let’s not forget the amazing cast of this movie. They are all crazy funny people. Jaime Pressly plays Denise, one of Zooey’s best friends, and married to Barry played by Jon Favreau. Andy Samberg plays Robbie Klaven, Peter’s brother. Rob Huebel plays Tevin Downey, one of Peter’s so-called male date. Jane Curtin plays Joyce Klaven and J.K. Simmons plays Oswald Klaven, Peter’s parents.

This is a true feel good, entertaining movie and at the same time a good perspective from a male’s point of view with a lot of laughters every now and then.

Eat Pray Love


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I think everybody feel this way one time or another. Searching for your self in the midst of confusion, prioritizing what’s really important in life that will bring us true happiness is easier said than done. Finding the right balance is life is not easy.

Julia Roberts has done it again in portraying the role of Liz Gilbert is one of her masterpieces in Eat Pray Love. Backed up with exceptional actors to complete the ensemble. Billy Crudup (Stephen) is Liz’s husband who eventually got divorced that probably started her dilemma. She was focused to find herself by letting go of her material possessions, after handing them to Stephen at the start of the divorce proceedings. Then Liz met James Franco (David) with whom she had a fling after the divorce, testing the waters if happiness was with someone else other than her ex-husband. This led to more confusion for her and discontent that led her to start her own journey.

It all started when she travelled to Bali and came across Ketut Liyer, played by Hadi Subiyanto, a spiritual adviser. Ketut read her palms and saw some signs of things to come in her life like unhappiness, discontent, and confusion. Upon her return to New York, things started falling into place, signs were showing of what Ketut predicted.

This led to her journey which started in Italy where she tries to find herself though her passion for food. There she met very interesting people who kept her company in the safe environment with friends. From there she travelled to India where she focuses on prayer and meditation. It took her a while to open herself up on how to pray and meditate but with the help of a colleague, Richard, played by Richard Jenkins, she soon enough got closer to her goal in searching for herself. From there she travelled to Bali, where she came back to meet Ketut. She opted to stay longer in Bali to continue her meditation and self discovery. Then she met Felipe, played by Javier Bardem, where as she is starting to find herself, as fate would show, she also found love.

After finding out that Ryan Murphy was the screenwriter and director of the movie, I was not that surprised. I’ve grown accustomed to his work, both in television and movies.

Eat Pray Love is a very simple story but very deep and reflective. You can’t help but ask yourself if you are centered in your life and if you are truly happy. I appreciate the engaging dialogues and interactions of all the actors in this movie. The diverse personalities and cultures adds more dimensions to the movie and overall lessons to be learned.

I hear that this movie could nominate Julia Roberts for an Oscar. I do wish her luck because she really deserves this.

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

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Clueless as I am, I was not aware that this was sourced from a book. Good thing my partner mentioned to me and we’re both intrigued and looked forward to watching Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. Funny thing is all of a sudden movies with Greek Mythology became a fad like Clash of Titans (a 2010 remake). My partner was keen to watch this movie since he read the book and wanted to compare if it was true to the book. For me, it’s purely for entertainment. Admittedly, I became fascinated with mythology.

As a viewer with no prior expectations, I did find the movie to be well made and a good storyline. Unfortunately for my partner, there were some details that were not followed based on the book but then again, anything that was sourced from a book was never 100% perfect transition so it was expected. It made it simple for me to have an idea on the connection between Poseidon and Percy’s mother that led him to be a special kid.

I also like the friendship between Percy (Logan Lerman) and Grover Underwood (Brandon Jackson). The loyalty was very appealing and the comic punchlines of Brandon was perfect. I do commend the characters of Mr. Brunner and Chiron (Pierce Brosnan), Medusa (Uma Thurman), Zeus (Sean Bean), Hades (Steve Coogan), Persephone (Rosario Dawson),  and Sally Jackson (Catherine Keener). Unfortunately for some, they fell short of their roles. The role of Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) lacks conviction for her role – trying hard to be tough. And the role of Poseidon (Kevin McKidd) is just too Irish-looking for me. Other than that, the cast were great.

The special effects were also great – since it’s a fantasy movie, it does require such effects. Let’s face it what’s mythology without a bit of effects here and there. I find amusement in seeing the water effects when Percy tried to control them.

The end scene, I must admit, was a bit too corny for me. I was told that there is another installment for this movie and I was hoping that it would somehow tie-up with the next book or something but it ended really cheesy and kinda boring.

It’s a very good wholesome movie which can cater to a lot of markets. A good combination of action-fantasy-comedy all rolled into one. I do recommend this if you want a happy, good-wins-over-evil type of story. And if you are a mythology fan, you will surely find this truly entertaining.

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