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I was really glad my partner invited me to watch Devil. Though I’m not a fan of horror and suspense films, M. Night Shyamalan got me intrigued once more. I must admit that I like some of his movies because some we’re just too hanging – not sure if it was intentional or he’s really being sadistic. As the movie started, I was bracing myself for what’s to come.

I was blown away with the movie. I did like it very much despite the horror and suspense factor. It has a good storyline and the twists were so crazy good. If the narrator (Shyamalan) is telling the story that is true to life, then his grandmother is a genius. I was just thinking that if his grandmother tells this story to her grandchildren, it’s morbid and traumatic but then again those stories made him who he is – a genius as well. Just imagine that the story took place in one office building, specifically in an elevator and the security control room. For a limited venue, it all boils down to the plot and script and it was perfectly executed.

One of the good things he did was selecting not so popular actors for this it makes you focus on the story more than the actors. Chris Messina (Det. Bowden), Jenny O’Hara (Old Woman), Bojana Novakovic (Young Woman), Bokeem Woodbine (Guard), Geoffrey Arend (Salesman), Logan Marshall-Green (Mechanic). Even the roles of Ramirez (Jacob Vargas) and Lustig (Matt Craven) were also commendable.

The suspense and horror factor, admittedly, was done well and needed to support the story so as I was shocked, I was pleased as well (and for the record, that is very rare for me). It’s always been M. Night’s reputation to challenge the mind and probably personal beliefs in all his masterpieces and this one is no exception. It raises so many questions that we could only ask ourselves about the bad things we’ve done before.

In the beginning I was surprised to see, “The Night Chronicles: Devil”. If this is just the first installment of his great stories, I cannot wait for the next one and will wait anxiously.


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Ask yourself this, “Where will you be at December, 12, 2012?” This movie has so much impact on me. Let’s face it, if it’s true what have we done or what have we become. It’s tough enough that 2012 will happen and they decided to select people to survive the destruction of earth. It’s hard to imagine that some sort of judgement has been passed, judgement made by men. I’d like to believe that we all deserve to live or at least have a second chance in life. What saddens me is that aside from not being selected to escape the threshold of death but if you have the money (like a gazillion euros) then maybe you can have a chance (yeah right).

This is one movie that sticks with you way after watching it. It’s does raise a lot of questions about life, morality, and probably religion.  If this thing does happen, you really can’t do anything about it and just leave it to your faith.

The acting and cast were just right for this movie. John Cusack (Jackson Curtis) and Amanda Peet (Kate Curtis) were on the dot. I’ve always been a fan of John Cusack and his films. I do also like the role of Thomas McCarthy (Gordon Siberman) who is in a relationship with Kate (divorced to Jackson) who turns out to be a very good guy (at least to the very end). Oliver Platt (Carl Hauser) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Dr. Adrian Helmsley) were very creditable and delivered a very engaging roles. The role of Woody Harrelson (Charlie Frost) was also great, though he does freak me out but nonetheless effective. The roles of Danny Glover (President Thomas Wilson), Johann Urb (Sasha), John Billingsley (Professor West), Jimy Mistry (Dr. Satnam Tsurutani), George Segal (Tony Delgatto), Blu Mankuma (Harry Helmsley), and Chin Han (Tenzin) were also good but how I wish they were more exposed. I didn’t like the role of Thandie Newton (Dr. Laura Wilson) because I find it to forced and unauthentic.

The special effects is very good and needed, to say the very least. In a disaster movie, it does require lots of effects to get the visual impact and probably it will look very much the same. As I am impressed with the effects it makes me wonder and sad that this could really happen.

Some highlights that I like:

  • The father-son phone conversation between Harry and Dr. Adrian Helmsley
  • President Thomas Wilson decided to stay behind and help the injured and consequently died
  • Kate Curtis was begging for Tenzin to take her children in the ark for them to survive
  • Dr. Satnam Tsurutani was talking to Dr. Adrian Helmsley when nothing was done to pick him up and his family that led to their death in India
  • The engaging discussion between Dr. Adrian Helmsley and Carl Hauser whether to allow the people waiting outside the ark which were not suppose to be allowed but the moral questions were raised and debated.

I am not sure what the future will be in store for us but it might be to late for regrets and probably planning for the future might not be a good idea but just live one day at a time.

The Proposal

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First of all, I am an avid fan of Sandra Bullock so liking this movie, The Proposal, is a no-brainer for me. Though I must admit that the storyline is a bit shallow and really bizarre, somehow they were able to make it work. The more complicated it got, the more interesting on how things will turn out.

It never cease to amaze me with Sandra’s comedic punch-line together with Ryan Reynolds‘ contribution. It’s just perfect. Sandra plays Margaret Tate, the headstrong editor who had a dilemma about her working visa in America. Ryan plays Andrew Paxton, who is the assistant of Margaret and a struggling writer who got caught up in Margaret’s whirlwind of dilemma in getting married by force. They somehow takes you away from the plot and just enjoy their acting. I must admit that the scene from the woods, where Sandra and Betty White did a chant that led to a dance routine for Sandra was a tad bit tacky. It can definitely do without. Betty plays Grandma Annie, Andrew’s grandmother.

The ensemble is a perfect cast and in his and her own way contributes to the magic of humor. Mary Steenburgen plays Grace Paxton, Andrew’s mother. Craig T. Nelsen plays Joe Paxton, Andrew’s father. Even Oscar Nunez who plays Ramone is hilarious. It’s sad thought that Malin Akerman who plays Gertrude, Andrew’s childhood sweetheart. She lacks exposure in the film and her role is very short it’s considered as a cameo role. And Denis O’Hare who plays Mr. Gilbertson, who works for immigration, was not playing a funny role but please wait for the end credit to see how funny he is.

One of the things that made me laugh out loud was when Margaret needed to use the internet and when they went to the town’s internet cafe (in Alaska), it was still the old type of router where you need to insert coins to work otherwise it’ll get disconnected. Certainly we can all relate to that. Another would be when they first met Mr. Gilbertson to discuss their plans of marriage. Margaret’s reaction to find out that the family of Andrew lives in Alaska – priceless. Another would be when Margaret tried on Grandma Annie’s wedding gown – totally cracked me up.

As far as entertainment value, it’s worth it. If you’re after having a good time and not pay attention on the storyline, you will certainly enjoy the film. It’s a movie that you’d like to watch every now and then if you want a good laugh. It could be a family movie but do expect the young viewers to ask about why do they need to get married. The technical answers for this may not be suitable for children.

Lost in Translation

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If there was one movie that is timeless and a true masterpiece, it would be Lost in Translation. The reason why I said “timeless” is because since the movie was originally shown in 2003, and I’m watching it now through cable, it’s so interesting to watch this like it was for the first time.

One thing I love about the film is the irony of things; wrong place, wrong love, wrong time. But despite that, it somehow made sense on why things the way it is. It would have been made simpler if they didn’t do it Japan but all the more made it more interesting. The more irony, the better and it all looks and made sense.

Bill Murray (Bob Harris) was really great in the role. His nomination for best actor is well deserved. I don’t know if it was intended for him to play comedy in this role but somehow on his reactions and dialogue, it was refreshing. Scarlett Johansson (Charlotte) is also commendable for her role. She was believable and somehow relatable with her dilemma in a foreign country and feeling isolated and yet wanting to break free. It was odd to see both having an affair in a foreign land but then again, it supports the storyline and title of the movie. Sometimes you’ll catch yourself asking what would you do if you were in that situation.

The director and writer of the movie, Sofia Coppola, really did a great job in fact she was also nominated for this film. She really knew how this story would translate into film. It was very simple yet sophisticated.

Though it was not a happy ending, it still leaves you breathless. Despite the morale issues, it somehow gives them that excuse and right to find love to survive in an unfamiliar territory. As they depart from each other, it somehow makes you wonder if they will be happy when they go back to their own separate worlds. We may never know but still wonders “what would you do if you’re in their situation?”

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

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Everything is hilarious about this movie, My Super Ex-Girlfriend. The concept, the actors, the effects – perfect. It all suddenly came back to me when I came across this while watching it in cable.

Uma Thurman is remarkable in her hole as Jenny Johnson, a shy and nerdy girl who dated Luke Wilson (as Matt Saunders) and thing started off well but being a superhero comes with super insecurities. Jenny was not a superhero at birth, she was exposed to radiation from a crashed meteor when she was young. The insecurities were so overwhelming that Matt focused on his feeling for Hannah Lewis (played by Anna Faris). Anna Faris is also another nice comedian actor. Though her exposure in the movie was very limited, practically the middle to the end of the movie, just the same it’s worthwhile. And please, need I not mention the role of Wanda Sykes? She’s just perfect for the role of Carla Dunkirk. Few scenes but funny just the same. Even Eddie Izzard (Professor Bedlam) is so funny that all the revenge was all about love for Jenny.

The scenes were Jenny was throwing tantrums towards Matt were ridiculous. Even if I watched this several times, they are are just amusing. The boiling of the aquarium was the craziest because Matt’s goldfish was there. And the throwing of a shark in Hannah’s apartment? Speechlessly funny.

If I have any comment about the movie is the acting of Luke Wilson. He appears lean towards wimpy like a loser. I mean being funny is one thing but to have that character is really not attractive. Luke Wilson looks great, don’t get me wrong, but the role would be better having him as a “boy next door” type. I must admit that the facial expressions of Luke added more to the wimpy factor. Despite that, I’ll still give him points for being adorable.  So overall, it’s really a good movie.

It’s a movie that is not only entertaining but when it ends you would feel good about it. Who wouldn’t love a movie that ends where everyone got what they wanted. It’s a strange tale of finding love with some superpowers which all the more interesting.

Knight and Day

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When Knight and Day was shown in the cinemas, I was not that excited or looking forward to watching it. I guess Tom Cruise is somewhat highly overrated. Though I am a fan of Cameron Diaz but then again she’s only half the movie.

When I watched it on DVD it’s a better option because if I didn’t like it, I could always turn it off. But it started very interesting, wondering, “What is he looking for?” then slowly the story unfolded by itself. I started liking the movie. The mystery of Roy Miller’s (Cruise) character is somewhat worth waiting for the next scene or something. A very good balance of action and comedy. June Havens (Diaz) never falls short of delivering a comedic punchline. Her clueless and naive character seems to add to the effective portraying of her role. When Peter Sarsgaard (playing the role of Fitzgerald) appeared, you kinda knew what role he was portraying so it was a no-brainer to figure him out. How I wish they used someone more unpredictable. But don’t get me wrong, Peter is a good actor but he’s too typecast more of villain roles. I think he could be a good lead with the right role and material.

One of the endearing moments, which I didn’t understand at first, was when Roy was monitoring someone through his iPhone. I thought it was one of those missions but later it unveils itself which was someone who he is trying to protect and knowing who they are was just perfect. That made him more human despite his action skills. One of the scenes I also liked is when June would wake up in different places because she was drugged by Roy and it’s hilarious who she reacts to each new environment. And when it was done the other way around, priceless, I tell you.

The effects and action scenes were ok, probably due to the light inject of comedy from June. When it’s a Tom Cruise movie, it’s expected that action scenes are done well and it’s very evident in this one. So basically you will get your money’s worth.

Ben 10 Alien Swarm

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When I saw the DVD of Ben 10 Alien Swarm, at first I was excited because I watch this in Cartoon Network. YES! I’m a sucker for animations. But then we started watching this, I was drawn back. It starts off quite weird with no effective introduction. Once we figured who’s who in the story plus the selection of actors, which are not known, I was really hoping that raw talent would suffice but it’s falls short of justifying the roles they’re portraying. Ben (Ryan Kelly) lacks conviction and somewhat boring and Gwen (Galadriel Stineman) is somewhat acting very sarcastic and bitchy, which is not her personality in the cartoon. The other supporting actors also seemed to add to the boredom.  I just wanted the movie to end. But don’t get me wrong, the effects are ok but not enough to sustain the excitement of the movie.

I wondered if this was shown locally in the movies but I figured that if it was, I would have known about it. After watching this (and still am watching as I’m blogging), if ever they did shown this locally, it might turn out to be a very big disappointment – no commercial appeal – and it’s wouldn’t earn a lot. I wonder if they compromised the fees of the good actors with the special effects. If only they got more interesting actors it might have a chance.

Between this movie and the TV show, it’s no brainer to choose the original format. The characters and storyline are more impressive. Unfortunately, Cartoon Network did both mediums so there is something wrong in the transition. Instead of appreciating this, I’d prefer going back to the cartoon version, sad to say.

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