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Enya: And Winter Came & Christmas Secrets

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As I am a self-proclaimed Enya fan, it’s really embarrassing that I missed this album. “And Winter Came” was released in 2008. It was known more for a thematic album for Christmas. So I decided to write this as my piece for Christmas and also admit that I’m not a perfect fan, only knowing of this album just today (Grrr!!!).

I’ve always found myself amazed whenever I start listening to Enya, as if she’s taking me to a journey of some sort. This album will blow you away with the touch of Christmas feeling – so perfect for the upcoming season. I must admit that as I am not feeling the season, just listening to Enya seems to encourage me that it’s a season to feel happy and be joyful emotionally.

Though almost all songs gets you to the feeling of white christmas, some songs are a tad bit on a dark and deep side. For example the “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” track is more of serious and deep because of that one note hanging in the background. Also for “Trains and Winter Rains” is also serious and the beats are not as happy or light. Funny though that even if some songs does not represent christmas but just emotions and memories of people and experiences, it still has that touch of christmas tunes and sounds.

My favorite tracks are “And Winter Came”, “Journey of the Angels”, “White is in the Winter Night”, “Dreams are more Precious”, “Last Time by Moonlight”, “One Toy Soldier”, “Stars and Midnight Blue”, “Spirit of Christmas Past”, and Oiche Chiuin (Chorale). Enya came up with a solo of Oiche Chiuin (Silent Night) in a single of the same title.

If you want to have a good spin off of Christmas songs and want to get away with the traditional christmas songs, this is certainly a good alternative. I do see myself slipping my iPod on and just dwell on the melodies and harmonies of Enya’s enchanting voice.

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Enya also came with an authentic Christmas album entitled, “Christmas Secrets” that came out in 2006. YES!!! I admit again that only found out about it today. Though it has four tracks, it depicts a truer christmas feeling and spirit. Tracks of this album are “Adeste, Fideles”, “The Magic of the Night”, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, and “Christmas Secrets”. Just a short comment on the “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” – I was expecting some magic from Enya to this song but surprisingly it’s stayed true to the original song.

Which way you choose, Enya could be part of your Christmas experience. I know I will.

Morgan Page: Believe

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My very first encounter with Morgan Page’s work was The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Vocal Remix). I have not even heard the original song so my very first impression of the song was pure bliss. I love the beats, I love the rhythm, I love the harmony. Through the months and years, I started encountering more remixes, still without acknowledging the original song. Even up to this point, I was still clueless with his other works. Then, I came across one of his albums, Believe. Though this is not the album where The Longest Road came from but it offered other songs with the same coolness and essence of real house music.

Now, being more knowledgeable of Morgan Page’s work seems to have give justice to bring you to a blissful place not with ambient but hypnotic beats and rhythm. I am glad that he’s one artist that inlined with house-electronic-pop genre.

It would unfair to say that the Believe album is his best work yet since I have not experienced his other albums but for a first time witness to this album, it has blown me away. Each song gives a different feel for an authentic house music. I am a die-hard house music fan and I know a good one when I hear and feel one.

The track list is as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. Strange Condition *
  3. Believe (feat. Elisabeth Morris)
  4. Back To Life
  5. Fight For You *
  6. Angus Dei *
  7. Only Human
  8. Return To Me
  9. Tell Me Why *
  10. Traces Remain *
  11. I’ve Had Friends *
  12. In The Dark
  13. Coming Home

* my selected favorite tracks

I do look forward to exploring more of Morgan Page’s works and I “believe” I won’t be disappointed. If you come across this album, good for you and if you’re just about to, it’ll be worth it.

Owl City: Of June & Maybe I’m Dreaming

The moment I saw past albums of Owl City, I was speechless (and that is in a very good way). After seeing them I had to have a copy and once I listened to them, it really brings me to a happy place. Somehow that’s the underlying rhythm of Owl City, despite the electronic-pop genre and synthesized vocals. It may sound very redundant in most of their songs but it also gives a different feel for each one. Since both albums were done in 2007 and 2008, the funny thing is that it sounds very updated which somehow feels like an extension of their very popular album, Ocean Eyes in 2010. One thing I like about the group is the narration of the lyrics like a story being told as you enjoy the musical journey.

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Of June which came out in 2007. It does give me the impression that you’re traveling around the world, enveloped in emotions of either happiness or sadness of a personal experience. It’s reflective enough to have a imaginative visual of places and yet as if you’re a passenger while Owl City is the navigator. Surprisingly despite the album only has seven songs, if this was their debut album, it’s a good enough lift off of their music career.

Album tracks are as follows: #1 Hello Seattle; #2 Fuzzy Blue Lights; #3 The Airway; #4 Panda Bear; #5 Designer Skyline; #6 Captains and Cruise Ships; #7 Swimming in Miami

Note: Hello Seattle also came out in the Ocean Eyes album in 2010. Please read further for a brief explanation about this.


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Maybe I’m Dreaming came out in 2008. It gives me the impression of storytelling with lots of inspiration. It tackles a lot of emotions in an experience which makes it very relatable. There are a lot of build-up in the songs that makes you anticipate the transition and once it hits you it really takes you to a blissful place. I admit that sometimes, I’m so fascinated that I repeat the songs. Compared to the previous album, this one has twelve songs and they’re all great.

Album tracks are as follows: #1 West Coast Friendship; #2 This is the Future; #3 I’ll Meet You There; #4 Dear Vienna; #5 Sky Diver; #6 The Technicolor Phase; #7 Air Traffic; #8 Early Birdie; #9 The Saltwater Room; #10 Super Honeymoon; #11 Rainbow Veins; #12 On the Wing

Note: The Saltwater Room and On the Wing came out in the Ocean Eyes album in 2010. Please read further for brief explanation about this.

If you will notice that the songs of Hello Seattle, The Saltwater Room, and On the Wing songs was reintroduced in the Ocean Eyes album in 2010. The songs are basically the same but if you listen closely, the original songs were more acoustic and less electronified. Both versions still have their own appeals. It was good for them to do this because both previous albums were not as successful as Ocean Eyes. For those you who just came across these albums, you better get a copy and enjoy their early works – it’s very worth it.

Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 4 (Relax Edition)

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I am growing in love with this album, Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 4 (Relax Edition). It’s a good combination of Chill Out and Lounge music that gets you in the mood. I suddenly feel in love with mixtures of electronica and bass beats with hints of piano and guitar – so cool and pleasant to the ears. I am, by heart, a die-hard House-Deep House-Club type of music person but when Chill Out and Lounge were introduced, my taste in music started broadening. It so perfect for driving, cruising along traffic, or doing groceries, especially when you are trying to focus on your shopping, and just having a quiet time while having coffee or just at home, relaxing. Comparing to House music, these types are easy to incorporate in your daily lives. When stressed, it’s one good instrument to listen to to center yourself and heal the mood.

Since I’ve just listened to volume 4, I’m sure that the other volumes would be as good as this and I can’t wait to listen to them and fall over again, chilling and lounging. I took the liberty to mark (*) my favorites in this album. Though all are nice, some really hits me more than the others.

  1. I Like It – Thomas Lemmer *
  2. Till The Break Of Dawn (Lounge Edit) – Dulac & Dubios *
  3. Someone, Somewhere – Redlounge Orchestra *
  4. Sunflowers – Boot Cut Rockers feat. Mica *
  5. Beautiful – Polished Chrome *
  6. Like Love (Original Mix) – Sly *
  7. Springtime – Schellrich & Sine *
  8. The Rapture – The Charly North Michael EP *
  9. Only A Dream – Gold Lounge
  10. New Paths – Sine *
  11. Leaving The Lights – Villablue feat. Juanita Grande *
  12. Hollow (Sine Remix) – Sonic Adventure Project
  13. Carousel – Ambray *
  14. Biya – Merge of Equals
  15. One – Thomas Lemmer *
  16. Herlekin – Klangstein

So it seems that I almost loved all the tracks. I do encourage for you to try listening to it and let it grab you and create a center for yourself.

Monter RX93.1: Chico & Delamar’s Top 10

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One of my favorite radio station is Monster Radio RX93.1, most especially Chico & Delamar’s Top 10. This station has been programmed in my car. If ever I forget to bring my iPod with me on the road, I will surely be entertained by this radio show. I usually listen to them in the morning when I’m on the road to work. Sometimes, I catch myself laughing like a fool, unsure if anyone from outside could see (because my car is not tinted plus traffic is terrible in the morning rush hour). The hardest part was laughing while accelerating along EDSA. I just have to bite my tongue just to be grounded and focus.

And about the Top 10 topics? It doesn’t really matter because everything is enjoyable. Sometimes the topics are literally anything under the sun which makes it more fun to hear. With a pinch of obscene topics to the totally ridiculous is really refreshing (in the morning – really!). It sometimes gives you that boost of energy knowing that you’re on your way to work. That’s a good way to start the day.

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The chemistry of Chico and Delamar is unique for me. I have not enjoyed hearing a pair of radio hosts who you really keen to listen (and probably laugh along the way). The way they talk to each other is like having a couple of friends over coffee. That is how relatable they both are. There were instances that they would mistakenly mispronounce some words and they tend to laugh about it, all the more it makes them more realistic because everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you handle them that defines you and both of them are well-defined.

But do not worry if you miss those shows. Thanks to technology, you can check out Chico and Delamar’s Top 10

You can also visit both their blogs at Chico’s Blog and Delamar’s Blog.

Merge of Equals: Intoxicating

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Music has always been a part of my life. It compliments my moods whether I’m on the road, need to think at work, doing grocery shopping, or even spending alone time in a coffee shop while drinking my favorite hot beverage. Music has always been my companion and once I plug the earphones, I am automatically transported to my very own oasis.

I am fairly neutral to all sort of music but have this thing about not a fan of country, extreme rock, and rap – not my cup of tea. A few months back, I was so engrossed with House music but just recently I became addicted to Chillout and Lounge music. More than the popular ones, I am particular attracted to the opposite. It’s like discovering a diamond in the rough. I recently came across Merge of Equals. I fell in love with the mixture of ambient and electronica that creates this blanket of soothing and centering type of music. I guess music, in general, is very relative to our present situation.

Before I remember having a discussion about Enya, a new age artist. For most people, her music makes them drowsy and sleepy but for me it makes me think more like caffeine. I really don’t know why but it’s just the way it is.  I love Enya and that’s how she affects me with her music.

I normally rate a CD depending on the number of songs I like in the playlist. For this particular album, Intoxicating, I like 14 out of 16 songs so this is a such a very good album. If you get the chance to check this album, please do and enjoy the pleasures of the rhythmic and melodic tranquility that this music brings to your life.

#1: Menina (Original Mix)

#2: As One

#3: Beautiful Nothing

#4: Clear Blue

#5: Creativity

#6: Don’t You Know

#7: Flavors Place

#8: Gravity

#9: Hoshi No Namida

#10: Hot Rain

#11: Like An Arrow

#12: Photic Zone

#13: Take You There

#14: Trees On The Moon

#15: True Love

#16: Yumenonakade

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