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Fringe (Season 1 & 2)

I have never heard of this series until my partner brought home a copy of the DVD copy of seasons 1 and 2. I was skeptic at first because of the numerous shows already in the tube or at least very similar like X-files and the like. The moment I saw Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) I immediately fell in love with her. I find her very sophisticated while carrying the role no matter what situation she may be in.

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The dark and twisted tales of Fringe never fails short of expectations. In fact, you will be wanting more after every episode (thank god we got the season DVD). I do like the subtleties or the story lines that does not require big plots or production. It’s purely a mind game and it works wonders – a cerebral bliss.

The cast is also outstanding. The diverse roles and personalities is just right for the whole ensemble. Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) is an actor that I am not fond of initially. But he was grown on me and the complicated relationship he has with his father, Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) and with Olivia Dunham is remarkably impressive. Speaking of John Noble, the odd, psychopathic character we see in the beginning leaves so much questions but eventually and slowly it unfolds by itself and not only did it make things clearer but the character will also grow on you. I also like the friendship between Olivia and Agent Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo). Charlie is a person you would like be friends with. A very protective and caring character until he was cloned and then you’ll hate me, sad to say. If there was someone who hold so much mystery and keeps you at the edge of your seat, that would be Nina Sharp (Blair Brown). Whatever she knows, you would want to stay focus. The more she says things, the more it adds to the confusion and suspense but eventually it makes more sense. And of course one of the lovable characters is Astrid Farmsworth (Jasika Nicole) as Dr. Bishop’s assistant. Her commitment to her work is admirable, regardless what was being ask of Dr. Bishop, she doesn’t second guess and very supportive. And ideal assistant I’d like to have. By the way, I forgot to mention that Dr. William Bell is played by Leonard Nimoy (need I say more?)

I do look forward to season 3 of Fringe. I was left hanging after season 2 and a lot of questions must be answered, a lot of mysteries must be unfolded, and a lot of followers must be appeased.

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