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Ali Mall Cineplex

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When my partner and I planned to watch a movie, we really have no preference of where to watch the movie. He suggested we try the Ali Mall Cineplex in Araneta Center, Cubao. I was game to try it out considering the place has been renovated already.

When we arrived at the mall, we actually found ourselves lost. There were no signs or direction where to go. That would have to be my first disappointment. Wandering through the crowd is already difficult and having no guide on where to go is much more frustrating. When we finally saw a signage, it was a bit too late and we were agitated already. But then it was still confusing because the sign only shows what floor but no specific guide after that. Once you’re on the floor, you still have to search for it on your own.

Finally when we go there, I was particularly surprised that it was like a ghost town considering it was a weekend. No line at the ticket booth. Not a living thing walking around the area. Just a thought, probably a lot of movie watchers were still lost in finding the theater. One good thing I noticed is that the cineplex is beside the food court which is great if you want to have something other than the normal popcorn and sodas. I was boggled why they have to abbreviate the word “tickets” to “TKTS” – a tad bit corny for me.

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Once we entered the theater, it was small and compact. The seats were a bit hard and I noticed that there is only one aisle. Normally other theaters have two aisles so when a person needs to use the john or if there was an emergency, we all have to go to one specific direction which to me is a safety risk.

Overall, the place is ok but still needs lots of improvements compared to other theaters within the area. Will I come back to this place again? Probably not often. The experience is such a concern for me and I have, I believe, a reasonable expectations and this fell long – way long. But still, it’s a place you might want to try for once, to say the least, that’s if you find it the place with ease.

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