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E! News & Daily 10

E! News and Daily 10 are both productions of E! Entertainment. In the cable, they are both being shown in ETC (Entertainment Channel). E! News is hosted by Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic. Daily 10 is hosted by Sal Masekela and Cat Sadler.

If there’s one thing I do not understand is how come both shows are shown right after the other. I’m not sure if ETC is paying attention to this. So just to set the record straight, both shows has 90% of their stories are exactly the same. So much the same that you feel like it’s de-javu. The only difference is the placement of the stories. Daily 10 orders the stories probably based on intrigued or popularity.

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Which show is better? It’s quite obvious – E! News. Not only because E! News is shown first then followed by Daily 10. By the time E! News is over, you could literally change channels because it will be exactly the same news. And let’s not forget the hosting styles between shows. Ryan and Giuliana are perfect hosts – synergy personified. I do enjoy the portion when they would make fun of each other while hosting. Though sometimes it gets a bit pointless and under the belt but still entertaining, just the same. While Sal and Cat is a bit odd when you watch them. Cat in particular is actually good and very jolly when relying the showbiz news. I am still wondering who is the ┬áSal Masekela? Hosting is bad and he doesn carry himself well. I find him dirty and lousy, sad to say. No matter how good Cat is, she’s can carry all the weight of the show.

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Personally, I don’t how the shows are scheduled in the States but if it’s different from the scheduling of the local cable network please please please… THINK!!! It doesn’t make sense to show them side by side. It defeats the purpose and if you have to choose one of them, please please please… make the right one ok?

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