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Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin

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I started watching this show a few weeks back and I must admit that it grew on me. Jeff Corwin started in Animal Planet as a host of the show, “Going Wild with Jeff Corwin” which by the title and network itself, it deals with animals most especially discovering strange and endangered species. He is also known as a environmentalist.

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What I was surprised was the shift from the wild and environment shows to touring the world for different and extreme cuisines thus the title, “Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin” (Food Network), locally shown at Lifestyle Network. Not that I am against this but it does make you wonder. In fact, it’s a good, fresh and different take on things. Jeff is a good host. One thing that makes him very effective in this show is the ability to be open-minded on whatever he needs to taste, regardless if he’s a chef or not. Since he’s not, it makes him more believable so what he tastes and how he describes them makes it more relatable. He has a good balance of informative and yet fun way of hosting the show. He is actually representing as a tourist in a country to try the outrageous cuisines and what is likable is that he learn new things along the way, the same way as the viewer learns something with him in the show.

I do admit that when it says “extreme” it doesn’t fall short of expectations. With respect to the different cultures, it does come out as a twitching moment and wonder, “do they really eat that?” It’s between feeling amazed and intolerable to a certain extent of what Jeff was about to eat.

The show also gives a good description of the cultures of the places he visits and sometimes he explains why they eat what they eat which makes more sense and understandable. So overall, it’s truly an informative and entertaining show.

So I wish Jeff more luck and more extreme cuisine to try and experience, and we will be watching safely from our homes.

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