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Morgan Page: Believe

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My very first encounter with Morgan Page’s work was The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Vocal Remix). I have not even heard the original song so my very first impression of the song was pure bliss. I love the beats, I love the rhythm, I love the harmony. Through the months and years, I started encountering more remixes, still without acknowledging the original song. Even up to this point, I was still clueless with his other works. Then, I came across one of his albums, Believe. Though this is not the album where The Longest Road came from but it offered other songs with the same coolness and essence of real house music.

Now, being more knowledgeable of Morgan Page’s work seems to have give justice to bring you to a blissful place not with ambient but hypnotic beats and rhythm. I am glad that he’s one artist that inlined with house-electronic-pop genre.

It would unfair to say that the Believe album is his best work yet since I have not experienced his other albums but for a first time witness to this album, it has blown me away. Each song gives a different feel for an authentic house music. I am a die-hard house music fan and I know a good one when I hear and feel one.

The track list is as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. Strange Condition *
  3. Believe (feat. Elisabeth Morris)
  4. Back To Life
  5. Fight For You *
  6. Angus Dei *
  7. Only Human
  8. Return To Me
  9. Tell Me Why *
  10. Traces Remain *
  11. I’ve Had Friends *
  12. In The Dark
  13. Coming Home

* my selected favorite tracks

I do look forward to exploring more of Morgan Page’s works and I “believe” I won’t be disappointed. If you come across this album, good for you and if you’re just about to, it’ll be worth it.

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