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Merge of Equals: Intoxicating

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Music has always been a part of my life. It compliments my moods whether I’m on the road, need to think at work, doing grocery shopping, or even spending alone time in a coffee shop while drinking my favorite hot beverage. Music has always been my companion and once I plug the earphones, I am automatically transported to my very own oasis.

I am fairly neutral to all sort of music but have this thing about not a fan of country, extreme rock, and rap – not my cup of tea. A few months back, I was so engrossed with House music but just recently I became addicted to Chillout and Lounge music. More than the popular ones, I am particular attracted to the opposite. It’s like discovering a diamond in the rough. I recently came across Merge of Equals. I fell in love with the mixture of ambient and electronica that creates this blanket of soothing and centering type of music. I guess music, in general, is very relative to our present situation.

Before I remember having a discussion about Enya, a new age artist. For most people, her music makes them drowsy and sleepy but for me it makes me think more like caffeine. I really don’t know why but it’s just the way it is. ┬áI love Enya and that’s how she affects me with her music.

I normally rate a CD depending on the number of songs I like in the playlist. For this particular album, Intoxicating, I like 14 out of 16 songs so this is a such a very good album. If you get the chance to check this album, please do and enjoy the pleasures of the rhythmic and melodic tranquility that this music brings to your life.

#1: Menina (Original Mix)

#2: As One

#3: Beautiful Nothing

#4: Clear Blue

#5: Creativity

#6: Don’t You Know

#7: Flavors Place

#8: Gravity

#9: Hoshi No Namida

#10: Hot Rain

#11: Like An Arrow

#12: Photic Zone

#13: Take You There

#14: Trees On The Moon

#15: True Love

#16: Yumenonakade

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