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Gary Unmarried

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I was watching this on cable for the first time and I must say when I decided to write my comments about this show, I was not that surprised that the show was actually cancelled by CBS after it’s second season. Gary Unmarried is a real disappointment for me. It did not only fall short but it fell very far from any reasonable expectations. I must admit that Jay Mohr was the reason for me to watch this sitcom for the first time. From the days of Jerry McGuire with his confident and cocky character, he was very effective. But realizing his comedic skills in this show is very painful to watch. The punchlines were misty and him leaning towards slapstick comedy was a bit done in desperation. I’m not sure how to say this but I find the kids funnier than him, sad to say. Let’s just put it as he’s far better in a supporting role than the lead (ouch!!!).

Jay Mohr admittedly has been away in front of films or TV shows, since he also directs every now and then, but this latest attempt is really not a good comeback. It’s very undeserving, understated and I guess a bad career choice. As far as age and presence is concerned, Jay is not aging gracefully, another sad thing to say. Gaining weight and the receding hairline is not helpful. If there’s a saying that “wine gets better with age”, then in this case, “It’s as good as it gets” (referring to his old shows and movies).

I am just thankful that the shows been cancelled and it’s an ordeal to watch the reruns on cable – probably a last attempt to expose the show but for me it’s didn’t hold that much hope. Right now the cable is doing a marathon of the show and after watching the first one, I’m done – no need to extend the agony.

I sincerely hope that Jay could rise up again with his career and hopefully get more deserving role and tap on his true acting skills.

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