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Accidentally on Purpose vs. Cougar Town

Both TV comedy series do focuses on a mature women falling in love (or still looking for love) from younfer man. When both series started I was curious as to what both shows offer. Shoe after show, I started feeling one of the looses my interest while the other one makes me want to watch the next episode.

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Accidentally on Purpose is such a disappointment for me. The comedy is very forgettable and the actors seemed to be lacking in something. I started loosing interest with the show. Jenna Elfman, is a bit over acting like an actor on a caffein-hype and I can only stand her for a while. Though she tries to be child-like and immature but it’s an over-play for me. And Jon Foster, who is he by the way? No substance and very forgettable for me. I particularly like Ashley Jensen from Ugly Betty she she’s not enough to make me want to the show more and more, unfortunately. Oh and Nicolas Wright is corny and predictable with his character – nothing more to expect.

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Unlike Cougar Town, Courtney Cox is perfect for the role. The comedy punch lines are in sync and she’s very amusing. Christina Miller-Lawrence and Ian Gomez are such funny actors/couple. Busy Philipps is also one of my favorites because of her quirky antics. One of the things I like about the show is that it covers family issues especially from a son’s point of view. I appreciate Dan Byrd‘s candor by expressing himself if he approves what his mother’s escapades and indiscretions or otherwise. Wrong as it may seems but it’s a reality and it’s funny just the same with the way she handles herself.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Accidentally on Purpose will end it’s show “accidentally” or “on purpose” sooner or later. And for Cougar Town, let the ladies roar and have fun… I know I am.

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