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The Soup vs. The Dish

One thing’s for sure.  I am really entertained when I watch both shows. The Soup is hosted by Joel McHale and The Dish is hosted by Danielle Fishel. Both shows’ objective is to recall and laugh on certain scenes from different TV shows. It’s ridiculously hilarious, I tell you. Both hosts are really great at what they do, leaving you feeling light and smiling. How am I to compare both shows? It’s tough because both shows are really great and entertaining.

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The Soup is an E! Entertainment production and it has a huge resources to criticize because of the shows line-up at E! Entertainment so they never ran out of materials. Joel’s punchlines are perfect and he is someone you do not get tired watching because you have no idea what will come out of his mouth. With props or back-up actors or even guest actors without, he can stand on his own. Despite that all episodes are scripted, you do not feel that it is – that’s how good he is.  Joel is also staring in another sitcom, Community.  It’s a good transition from The Soup and back. One thing I did notice about Joel is the way he tries to impersonate a female character.  No matter how he exaggerates a scene, it comes out a little weak but with help of props and back-up actors (who looked like the production staff), it turns out ok.

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The Dish is a My Style network production. It also does have a lot of resources. Danielle is also a great host with her antics and subtle remarks which makes it more funny. She too is also supported with props and back-up actors and guest actors which actually gives variety. Danielle is a good actor/comedian.  Hope I wish she could also attempt to tap on a sitcom.  I’m sure she’ll be funny just the same.  Personally speaking, if I were to choose between the two hosts, I would prefer Danielle only because she more quirky with her stints.

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