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Observing and Creating Habits and Patterns

I am very thankful that I have two dachshunds to keep me company at home. They’re practically my own small family. Macchi is black male with tan tones and Moccha is a tan male dachshunds.


Being a dog owner is not something new to me. I got them both as puppies and Macchi is more than 6 years already while Moccha is less than a year.

I distinctly remember that when I was starting out with Macchi, I was a wreck in trying desperately to understand him and his needs. Later on, I did not have to sweat that much. I guess for new dog owners, you’ll fall into the same cracks as I did. And I thought of writing this to help you somehow and to let you know that everything will be ok. You just need to pay attention to certain things before doing anything else.

Dogs are basically a creature of habit. They learn through habits. I used to term if as discipline but I stand corrected. Discipline is having knowledge of whites right and wrong. Dogs does not get it that way. They learn through habits and probably reactions from you as the owner.

When I started out with Macchi, I scheduled his feeding twice a day; mornings and early evenings. This was based on information from people and friends. And so I did but then I noticed that Macchi wasn’t finishing one of the meals and just leaving his bowl. I wondered then panicked, thinking that something is wrong with him. As far as his exercises are concerned, it was above minimum since he is a small dog and my house is just right for him to run around. We also do the walking around the compound where I live. Then I started observing his behavior to assess why he is not finishing his food. I did try to lessen his food per meal but it has the same effect. Then, without consultation, I changed his meal times to just one around lunchtime. And ever since, it worked and he has a normal appetite.

Now when I got Moccha, a feisty little one, it got a bit complicated as this is now 2 separate dogs. As what I did with Macchi, I initially fed Moccha twice a day like before, while keeping Macchi’s effective feeding style. On Moccha’s case, I noticed something wrong with him. He’s gaining too much weight (for his age). I started observing him and noticed that his bowl movements are too few too little. And as i observe his exercise, he was a very active dog. It got me thinking that I need to change the eating habit of the young one. I also started feeding Moccha the same pattern as Macchi. And now they’re both ok. The exercise (or playtime) is now more than usual but I always make it a point to make them rest after their meal then the moment they wake up, you should expect them to do some playtime with each other.

These are the things you need to pay attention:

  • Monitor the bowl movements. Possibly the dog was not able to process the first meal of the day so definitely he is not hungry when the second meal comes.
  • Observe the dog’s activity. Exercise does help their digestion. The fewer exercise, the less chance they will be hungry. And if they seemed inactive then there might be something wrong with the dog and it’s best to have it checked by a vet.
  • I used to think that a probable reason why the dog does not finish his food is because they’re sick and tired of what they eat. Though it’s still a possibility but let me correct this. Dogs do not have that acquired taste like humans in eating the same food every day. Dogs will eat their food when they are hungry, regardless if it’s the same old food. Of course you can always tweak your food but this is more of your preference more than the dog’s.
  • If you are used to feeding your dog dry food and noticed that they are having problems pooping, add water to their food. And if the poop is too liquid or watery, it’s best to have them checked by a vet. Also if a dog is constipated, you can check their anus and see if it’s swollen – that is an indicator.
  • Too much exercise or playtime is also bad for the dogs. They should have a good balance of exercise and rest (meaning nap time)

So it’s very important to have that clear understanding about your dogs’ behaviors. From there you could be able to assess and make certain adjustments in their eating, exercise, even sleeping habits. And again, never panic if something goes wrong. I am sure you have your dog’s best interest at heart and it’s unfortunate that they cannot tell you what’s wrong but then it should not stop you from observing and creating habits and patterns for them.

I hope this helps you in someway. Let’s me know what you think. Leaving a comment or you can email me at

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