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Owl City: Of June & Maybe I’m Dreaming

The moment I saw past albums of Owl City, I was speechless (and that is in a very good way). After seeing them I had to have a copy and once I listened to them, it really brings me to a happy place. Somehow that’s the underlying rhythm of Owl City, despite the electronic-pop genre and synthesized vocals. It may sound very redundant in most of their songs but it also gives a different feel for each one. Since both albums were done in 2007 and 2008, the funny thing is that it sounds very updated which somehow feels like an extension of their very popular album, Ocean Eyes in 2010. One thing I like about the group is the narration of the lyrics like a story being told as you enjoy the musical journey.

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Of June which came out in 2007. It does give me the impression that you’re traveling around the world, enveloped in emotions of either happiness or sadness of a personal experience. It’s reflective enough to have a imaginative visual of places and yet as if you’re a passenger while Owl City is the navigator. Surprisingly despite the album only has seven songs, if this was their debut album, it’s a good enough lift off of their music career.

Album tracks are as follows: #1 Hello Seattle; #2 Fuzzy Blue Lights; #3 The Airway; #4 Panda Bear; #5 Designer Skyline; #6 Captains and Cruise Ships; #7 Swimming in Miami

Note: Hello Seattle also came out in the Ocean Eyes album in 2010. Please read further for a brief explanation about this.


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Maybe I’m Dreaming came out in 2008. It gives me the impression of storytelling with lots of inspiration. It tackles a lot of emotions in an experience which makes it very relatable. There are a lot of build-up in the songs that makes you anticipate the transition and once it hits you it really takes you to a blissful place. I admit that sometimes, I’m so fascinated that I repeat the songs. Compared to the previous album, this one has twelve songs and they’re all great.

Album tracks are as follows: #1 West Coast Friendship; #2 This is the Future; #3 I’ll Meet You There; #4 Dear Vienna; #5 Sky Diver; #6 The Technicolor Phase; #7 Air Traffic; #8 Early Birdie; #9 The Saltwater Room; #10 Super Honeymoon; #11 Rainbow Veins; #12 On the Wing

Note: The Saltwater Room and On the Wing came out in the Ocean Eyes album in 2010. Please read further for brief explanation about this.

If you will notice that the songs of Hello Seattle, The Saltwater Room, and On the Wing songs was reintroduced in the Ocean Eyes album in 2010. The songs are basically the same but if you listen closely, the original songs were more acoustic and less electronified. Both versions still have their own appeals. It was good for them to do this because both previous albums were not as successful as Ocean Eyes. For those you who just came across these albums, you better get a copy and enjoy their early works – it’s very worth it.

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