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My Super Ex-Girlfriend

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Everything is hilarious about this movie, My Super Ex-Girlfriend. The concept, the actors, the effects – perfect. It all suddenly came back to me when I came across this while watching it in cable.

Uma Thurman is remarkable in her hole as Jenny Johnson, a shy and nerdy girl who dated Luke Wilson (as Matt Saunders) and thing started off well but being a superhero comes with super insecurities. Jenny was not a superhero at birth, she was exposed to radiation from a crashed meteor when she was young. The insecurities were so overwhelming that Matt focused on his feeling for Hannah Lewis (played by Anna Faris). Anna Faris is also another nice comedian actor. Though her exposure in the movie was very limited, practically the middle to the end of the movie, just the same it’s worthwhile. And please, need I not mention the role of Wanda Sykes? She’s just perfect for the role of Carla Dunkirk. Few scenes but funny just the same. Even Eddie Izzard (Professor Bedlam) is so funny that all the revenge was all about love for Jenny.

The scenes were Jenny was throwing tantrums towards Matt were ridiculous. Even if I watched this several times, they are are just amusing. The boiling of the aquarium was the craziest because Matt’s goldfish was there. And the throwing of a shark in Hannah’s apartment? Speechlessly funny.

If I have any comment about the movie is the acting of Luke Wilson. He appears lean towards wimpy like a loser. I mean being funny is one thing but to have that character is really not attractive. Luke Wilson looks great, don’t get me wrong, but the role would be better having him as a “boy next door” type. I must admit that the facial expressions of Luke added more to the wimpy factor. Despite that, I’ll still give him points for being adorable.  So overall, it’s really a good movie.

It’s a movie that is not only entertaining but when it ends you would feel good about it. Who wouldn’t love a movie that ends where everyone got what they wanted. It’s a strange tale of finding love with some superpowers which all the more interesting.

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