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Top Chef

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One of the reality shows that I love so much. Top Chef, a Bravo TV production, features and focuses on the talents of aspiring chefs who wants to make it big or working for a big break in the culinary industry. I find joy in seeing the discretion of the participants when they are given tasks and avoid elimination. It’s a very good concept for a cooking reality show. Unlike some other shows (Hell’s Kitchen) where shouting and degradation is evident which is not appealing at all. The focus should be with the chefs and their creations and not on the host. That show is very agitating and looses interest.

Top Chef is very refreshing. Of course, it’s given that when it’s judging time, they have to be transparent to the participants on what they think of their offerings.  So if it was done poorly, they send the message across clearly. When a job is commendable, they do that as well so it balances things as far as being fair is concerned.

I find myself very curious and enticed on the process of their creations, all the more the result when the panel of judges experience this. How I wish I could taste and discuss it with them. After all the tasks being given, ultimately when judging, someone has to be eliminated for the show to progress, reaching the final winner of the season.

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The hosts are also great. Padma Lakshmi is a very graceful host. Despite her lack of knowledge in culinary skills, she represents the normal people who is experiencing the creations of the contestants. She’s very real and relatable. Tom Colicchio is charming and smooth with his hosting. He is more of the technical aspect when it comes to critiquing the offerings. He can be tough, if need be, but also can be adorable. His criticisms are very on the dot and really acceptable. If I was one of the contestants and he comes to the kitchen to check our work, it’s either I’ll be happy to see him or scared on what he will say.

Overall, a very good and well-made reality show. This is a show that I look forward to and wait anxiously on who will win at the end.

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