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Sakae Sushi

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This has got to me one of my favorite Japanese Restaurants, especially that I’m a sushi freak. I love all sorts of sushis. There’s nothing like a balance of the rice and the seafood that goes together. I recall the very first time I tried Sakae Sushi in Mall of Asia branch. It was not planned actually. When my partner and I passed by we noticed the poster outside about an “eat all you can” sushi. That was the thing that sealed the deal for me. And when we sat inside, we were surprised that there is a long trail of conveyor belt. This is used to distribute the countless sushis to the customers. It certainly brings me to the idea of what is being done in Japan (or something close to). I do like the concept because there’s no need for the sushi to be brought to your table but you can just select and get it straight from the conveyor belt.

Comparing it to the buffet set-up, the sushis are done fresh and goes directly to the conveyor belt, a very simple and impressive process, I must say. Your table is sufficiently stocked with wasabi paste and soy sauce. The only time you seek assistance from the attendants is for the beverages. One of the things I am fond of is that when you order the green tea, you will be given a tea bag and you have a faucet in your table where you get your hot water and you can continuously use your tea bags.

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We also tried the Taguig Global City branch and usually go here not only because of the distance but also of the ambiance. It’s more spacious and a much serene location. ¬†But a few months back, I found out that they closed already so the only branches available are the Mall of Asia and SM North EDSA.

This blog really got me craving for another session at Sakae Sushi. I can’t wait for my next visit and just have a sushi experience.

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