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It’s been a while since I last saw Signs – thank god for HBO. I was lucky enough to watching from the start so I had good memories about the movie. As mentioned in my previous blogs, this movie is one of my favorites from M. Night Shayamalan. Though I heard some comments before that the movie was a but corny, I beg to disagree. The storyline is good, the connection of the aliens with the past is also flawless, the actors were great, a good combination of the suspense, drama and bit of comedy.

Other movies would really dwell on aliens and countless possibilities but this movie depicts the juxtaposition of the aliens with Rev. Graham Hess’ past. I love the connection which turns out to be a great layout for a movie.

The movie also showed the raw talent of the actors with their emotions. The sadness and doubtful emotions from Mel Gibson (Rev Graham Hess). The strength and skeptics from Joaquin Phoenix (Merrill Hess). The innocence and braveness from Rory Culkin (Morgan Hess) and Abigale Breslin (Bo Hess). Let’s also not forget the signature cameo role of M. Night Shayamalan (Ray Reddy). I really appreciate the vulnerabilities of Mel and Joaquin’s acting ability – totally believable. For me, this is the one of Mel’s peak of his career. He still looks great and it’s very unfortunate with whatever is happening to him now.

Though I do not consider this a feel good movie but it has a happy ending still but if you want to find yourself at the edge of your seat, then this movie will not disappoint you.

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