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Lost in Translation

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If there was one movie that is timeless and a true masterpiece, it would be Lost in Translation. The reason why I said “timeless” is because since the movie was originally shown in 2003, and I’m watching it now through cable, it’s so interesting to watch this like it was for the first time.

One thing I love about the film is the irony of things; wrong place, wrong love, wrong time. But despite that, it somehow made sense on why things the way it is. It would have been made simpler if they didn’t do it Japan but all the more made it more interesting. The more irony, the better and it all looks and made sense.

Bill Murray (Bob Harris) was really great in the role. His nomination for best actor is well deserved. I don’t know if it was intended for him to play comedy in this role but somehow on his reactions and dialogue, it was refreshing. Scarlett Johansson (Charlotte) is also commendable for her role. She was believable and somehow relatable with her dilemma in a foreign country and feeling isolated and yet wanting to break free. It was odd to see both having an affair in a foreign land but then again, it supports the storyline and title of the movie. Sometimes you’ll catch yourself asking what would you do if you were in that situation.

The director and writer of the movie, Sofia Coppola, really did a great job in fact she was also nominated for this film. She really knew how this story would translate into film. It was very simple yet sophisticated.

Though it was not a happy ending, it still leaves you breathless. Despite the morale issues, it somehow gives them that excuse and right to find love to survive in an unfamiliar territory. As they depart from each other, it somehow makes you wonder if they will be happy when they go back to their own separate worlds. We may never know but still wonders “what would you do if you’re in their situation?”

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