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Despicable Me

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When a movie starts Steve Carell, whether animation or otherwise, you’ll surely be entertained. This movie is no exception. The plot is very unique and likable. Steve Carell, (Gru), played a super villain who through circumstances and competition slowly converts him to becoming a little better at being good.  I like the ending where it shows that he’s still improving at being good and not those typical plots where he changed totally. This way it’s more believable.

The cast were also brilliantly chosen for their roles. Jason Segel (Vector), Will Arnett (Mr. Perkins), Russell Brand (Dr. Nefario), and Julie Andrews (Gru’s mom). And please let’s not forget the adorable minions.  After watching the movie, I want  to have all of them as my collection – so cute. I intentionally didn’t mention the children only because there was nothing spectacular with their roles.  It was more of Gru’s reaction to them that was priceless. The sarcasm and comedic remarks is quite refreshing.

This movie will fall into one of my favorite animation collection.  It’s a perfect family movie to enjoy and probably learn something from – that everyone is not all bad, probably just bad choices but this shouldn’t define them.

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