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The Bellevue Manila: Cafe d’Asie

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This would be my 3rd time to visit Cafe d’Asie of The Bellevue Manila in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The cafe looks stylish for a hotel and very updated, classic french art neuvo. Spacious and comfortable seating whether you are alone dining or with friends or family. The food attendants are friendly and attentive.

The distance and location is a very far from where I live but there is a reason why me and partner frequent the place. The Alabang area is a bit confusing for me despite it’s our second time there. What we base our direction is the site of the hotel, regardless of street names.

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As far as the food offerings are concerned, it’s very limited so if you are looking for more variety it might leave you a little disappointed. Though the food is nicely placed, some entrees are too simple considering there are very few selections. Also one thing I noticed is that despite the presence of chefs within the area, no one seems to monitor the replenishment of the entrees. We had to call their attention before something is done.

The appetizers and salads are sufficient with the choices. Though I have to comment that the cold cuts are a bit dry. The buffet doesn’t have offerings of sushis – only sashimis and there’s only two choices. They only have one choice of soup. The main courses is limited and as mentioned earlier too simple. I liked the sections of the noodle soup, dim sum, kebab, and grilled seafood. The tempura section lacks taste and the pizza section is not appetizing. They do have a wider range of desserts.

The buffet offers complimentary coffee or tea and I must say that they have good coffee there. One good thing about the buffet experience here is that you leave not as stuffed as expected from other hotel buffets – and that is a good thing coming from someone who is trying to watch his weight and health.

The experience itself is satisfactory. Despite the distance, it’s like going out of town (with the travel time and traffic) so it’s a good short escape from the my place of residence or where I frequent ┬áduring weekends. I do recommend this place but in the parameters of simple buffet set-up, good ambiance, good service, and a distance away from your usual hangout area.

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