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I was really glad my partner invited me to watch Devil. Though I’m not a fan of horror and suspense films, M. Night Shyamalan got me intrigued once more. I must admit that I like some of his movies because some we’re just too hanging – not sure if it was intentional or he’s really being sadistic. As the movie started, I was bracing myself for what’s to come.

I was blown away with the movie. I did like it very much despite the horror and suspense factor. It has a good storyline and the twists were so crazy good. If the narrator (Shyamalan) is telling the story that is true to life, then his grandmother is a genius. I was just thinking that if his grandmother tells this story to her grandchildren, it’s morbid and traumatic but then again those stories made him who he is – a genius as well. Just imagine that the story took place in one office building, specifically in an elevator and the security control room. For a limited venue, it all boils down to the plot and script and it was perfectly executed.

One of the good things he did was selecting not so popular actors for this it makes you focus on the story more than the actors. Chris Messina (Det. Bowden), Jenny O’Hara (Old Woman), Bojana Novakovic (Young Woman), Bokeem Woodbine (Guard), Geoffrey Arend (Salesman), Logan Marshall-Green (Mechanic). Even the roles of Ramirez (Jacob Vargas) and Lustig (Matt Craven) were also commendable.

The suspense and horror factor, admittedly, was done well and needed to support the story so as I was shocked, I was pleased as well (and for the record, that is very rare for me). It’s always been M. Night’s reputation to challenge the mind and probably personal beliefs in all his masterpieces and this one is no exception. It raises so many questions that we could only ask ourselves about the bad things we’ve done before.

In the beginning I was surprised to see, “The Night Chronicles: Devil”. If this is just the first installment of his great stories, I cannot wait for the next one and will wait anxiously.

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