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The Secret of Kells

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I first known of The Secret of Kells was in the Academy Awards when it was nominated for Best Animated Feature. From there I just feel the need to have a copy of this DVD. It took a while to search for this movie since it’s hardly known here in our country but with patience I was able to get hold of a copy. And true enough, I indeed affirm that it’s truly deserve a nomination.

The movie is quite interesting though the diction if a bit too much for me but then again it’s very Celtic-Irish in nature so I am very thankful for the subtitles. The story is based on Celtic mythology where adventure and magic coincides which makes it a great storyline. Though I am clueless with this type of mythology, it’s a great tale nevertheless.

One of the intriguing characters is Abbott Cellach (voice of Brendan Gleeson), the uncle of Brendan – the main character, on his issues about containing and restraining his nephew to stay within the bounds of the village and not wander around in the forest. But knowing the intense curiosity from Brendan plus the need to get something from the forest, that’s where he meets Aisling, a mysterious young wolf-girl who lives in the forest. Then the adventure begins.

I’m just sure if this is something I would recommend for the children. Though it’s a cartoon, it does come across as a bit too deep and dark. It still could be watched by kids but there should be some sort of explanation on certain scenes like “Why do they need five goose feathers?” or “Do they really need to go to the forest just to get the berry for ink?” But again, this would be a very interactive type of movie where you can discuss how and why things happen. But no matter what you decide, this movie is a very good movie – a magical, mystical, mysterious movie.

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