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Tyler’s Ultimate

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I’ve started watching Tyler’s Ultimate over at Lifestyle network around two months ago. I knew Tyler Florence from his previous shows at the Food Network. At that time, Tyler was still fit and toned. I found him to be very entertaining and charming with his shows (coming over to a house and cooking for the people living there). It was a refreshing concept. But looking at him now with his new show, “Tyler’s Ultimate” where he shared “brilliant simple food” that can me made anytime is so much more interesting to watch. He never falls short of enticing the viewers with his recipes. One particular observation was the weight he gained. From the fit and toned to a but flabby, stuffed chef. Not that it’s a bad thing, in fact, it kinda looked better – a whole lot better. Though he transformed physically, the charm and wit remains the same. I remember one time when I was having a conversation with my sister-in-law about him (who’s also a fan of Tyler), she said, “I’d rather eat something that was made by a fat chef than a thin one.” It sort of made sense and I agree. Setting aside and regardless of health issues, I believe this is very relative to all chefs.

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I really don’t know how I’ve become so enticed and looking forward to the next show. I guess aside from him looking great, he’s a bit clumsy (not in a negative but in an endearing way) in the kitchen that makes it all the more entertaining. And the way he describes the spices, flavors, and ingredients you really do get the feel of what’s he’s describing.

There was one episode that he was wearing an old rose Kashmir sweater. Believe me only a few guys could carry this sweater more so colored old rose and Tyler can. Despite him wearing an eye-catching color in front of the subdued, tone-down kitchen set, you tend to focus on him and the food he’s creating.

At the end of the show, when he tastes his creation, there’s something very sincere with the way he does that. The closing of the eyes to his yum-yum smirk to the way he expresses the experience of the taste and texture, you’ll know that he will continue eating even after the show is done (or most probably share this with the production staff). I’m very picky when watching cooking shows and this falls on my top 5 cooking shows.

More power to you Tyler and keep on cooking!!!

For more information about Tyler and his recipes, please visit Tyler’s website

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