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Worst Week

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I have mixed feelings about this show. Though I appreciate the storyline of a couple who’s trying to let the family know of their planned marriage not to mention that the girl is pregnant, but the thing I don’t get is the concept that the guy is the most unfortunate person in the world. Everything he does goes bad. The more he tries to have a connection with the family of his fiance, the worst and complicated it gets. Looking closely, if you’re experiencing bad luck from the start to the end of the day, it would mostly likely have the tendency of suicide. I have nothing but pity for Sam Briggs (Kyle Bornheimer). I mean he is one comedian that is funny just by being quiet – the less is more thing. He does make me laugh with his antics and gestures but to see them being clumsy and funny over and over again is sometimes an overkill. His relationship with Dick Clayton (Kurtwood Smith), the father of Melanie Clayton (Erinn Hayes), his fiance, is priceless. The stiff-faced father and his sarcastic reactions to Sam is hilarious.

You tend to get frustrated when they can’t seem to find the right time to tell her family of their situation which is a bit dragging to a certain extent. The plot is simple. The objective is simple. It’s obvious that they had to inject some delays in getting the message through to have more episodes  but it’s just too annoying and painful to watch. From a simple comedy to the incredibly outrageous that is not believable anymore. Remember the suicide thing I mentioned? That’s what I mean.

Please don’t get me wrong but the actors in this show are very good but the plot and the whole dancing around with accidents and foolishness really is a problem. Just imagine a full season about this plot? Unbearable. If they could be switched to a different storyline, it might work.  Again, they are all great actors, including Nancy Lenahan who plays Angela Clayton. Her reactions to Sam could really give her a heart attack.

This show could really go for a long as it can but I doubt it if it will last with the other viewers. It tends to be very forgettable because you tend to surf other channels in finding a more proper use of one’s time. If it reaches the point of this show being too saturated and needed to be cancelled, I do hope to see the actors in other and better shows.

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