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So You Think You Can Dance

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I feel the need to share this with you since I am avid fan of So You Think You Can Dance. In season 3, a couple caught my attention because they were really great in what they do. I am referring to Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis. Pasha and Anya are natives of Russia and they’re styles are Latin and Ballroom dancing. One thing that caught my attention was normally in these types of dances, the woman is the focus, especially if they wear those outrageous sexy costumes but not in this pair. Not that there’s something wrong with them but I am particularly amazed with Pasha and how he handles himself. As a male dancer, he not only leads and supports his partner but he can really carry on his own. I may not be an expert in dancing but visually I know when someone dances well, to say the very least. His lines and strength is just amazing. It said, though, that both dancers did not made it to the finals but they are still the best at what they do and I’m sure they already have a strong followers.

I was blown away with their audition number. This is a video taken when they auditioned in So You Think You Can Dance in New York in season 3.

Some of Pasha’s performance in season 3 with different partners. Goes to show that to win this show, you need to step out of the box and not only perform them but do them very well. Pasha would have been great if he wasn’t eliminated at the Top 6.

Pasha with Lacey Schwimmer in a Hip-Hop routine.

Pasha with Jessi Perlata in a Cha-Cha routine.

Pasha one is with Sara Von Gillern in a West Coast Swing routine.

After that season, both Pasha and Anya were invited to lead the choreographing the auditions choreography season after season. They were also joined by other dancers from previous seasons. They were asked once more to perform the same routine they did back in season 7 when they auditioned. Again, never seems to amaze me and this is the full version.

In season 7, Pasha was asked time and time again to perform with the other participants. Looks like it’s Pasha’s time to shine and showcase his talents. Together with Pasha, several dancers from previous seasons were asked to return and be the partners with the current contestants. Pasha was exceptional as always. He was partnered with Lauren Froderman.

Whatever Pasha and Anya are doing now, I wish them luck and hopefully to see them dance again.

So You Think You Can Dance

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This show for me is the best dance show compared to Dancing with the Stars. To me the show does not require celebrities to perform a dance. It focuses on the raw talent of the dancers. To me, it goes beyond the rating matrix to make a successful dance show – though it does need ratings to survive the season. But if you look at the talents of dancing, being tasked different genres when performing on stage, from waltz to hip-hop to contemporary to jive – the list goes on. There’s this magic that happens when the dancers transform week to week. It just leaves you breathless, wanting more and more.

Cat Deeley is a good host. Not only is she pleasant but also has a confidence that is mixed with fun. I also do appreciate the line of judges in the competition. These are composed of choreographers and dancers specializing in different genres. The always look out for the quality of the dance they perform, together with entertainment value. Even the Executive Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, is also a dancer – tap dancing, which is also a dance art, despite it’s not part of the genres but at least he has an eye for dancing as well. So all the judges have a right to critic the performances. The comments are very objective and right on the spot, and so I truly believe them.

Speaking of choreographers, I do have my own list of favorites when they choreograph a particular dance like the following to name a few (and not in any particular order):

  • Wade Robson (jazz/contemporary)
  • Mia Michaels (contemporary)
  • Shane Sparks (hip-hip)
  • Tyce Diorio (broadway/contemporary)
  • Napoleon & Tabitha D’umo (hip-hop)
  • Sonya Tayeh (jazz/contemporary)
  • Doriana Sanchez (disco)
  • Dan Karaty (broadway)
  • Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin (ballroom)
  • Jean-Marc Genereux (ballroom)

Each season brings new blood to the dance floor and it just makes you appreciate the hard work and amazing performances that they do.

For more information and scenes from the shows, please visit So You Think You Can Dance

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