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UP-Ayalaland TechnoHub

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My partner and I frequent UP-Ayalaland TechnohHub, especially when we want to get out of the concrete jungle of Metro Manila. It had a good combination of cement and greens. You do not feel so cramped up and the fresh air is very welcoming. Its very spacious and when you settle down in any of the restaurants or cafes, you feel comfortable and safe. You really don’t feel that you’re in the city once you’re there. Though it’s inevitable that it can be warm but with the presence of the water fountain located at the center so it’s a refreshing site to see.

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There are good selection of restaurants in the place so you will not run out of options. And of course, where there are restaurants, coffee shops will always be there. It’s a good place to just relax and have a great meal and have a cup of coffee and enjoy the scenery. It also has a good mix of crowd. Whether you’re there to work or just to chill quietly, with your friends, with your family, or even with your pets; you can find your own space there. Did I mention you can bring your pets? YES!!! It’s a dog-friendly place (just be a responsible owner and clean up after your pet). I went there several times with my partner and canine. It’s a good place to start bringing your dogs outside the home. With all those space, it’s a good area to let your dog let loose (but with collar and harness attached).¬†Speaking of dog-friendly places, though there are also known places that are dog-friendly, what makes this place stood out is the fact that it’s very spacious and not heavily populated (or at least for now).

The place is something that you can do almost anything, from reading a book to having coffee with friends or having lunch/dinner with your family or just a simple playtime with your pet, the place caters to all types of market. The place is clean and well-maintained.

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